September, 2016

Best Film Endings….Ever!

The end can make for a terrific film, or a bad one. It can also create careers (ask M. Night Shyamalan) or break them. When you leave a multiplex screen after watching a film there is a good chance that how the movie ended is what stays with you. Having watched hundreds and hundreds of … Read more

Top 10 Most Expensive Hobbies

Each of us have our own hobbies and interests. Whether you play football or spin fire, there are lots of fun activities for everybody to consider taking up. While most of us have inexpensive hobbies, the more well off amongst us can afford to experiment with expensive options. The hobbies of rich and famous people … Read more

Bare Foot Running Is Good For You

In some parts of the world, shoe’s are referred to as ‘foot coffins’. These parts of the world are much closer to home than you may think. From marathon runners to everyday office guys, an ever growing number of us are making the switch to barefoot running. It’s Not Just For Hippies and Zen Masters … Read more

The Life Of A Bodyboarder

In this weeks series of ‘Life of A…’ I have caught up with Irish Big Wave Bodyboarder Seamus Mc Goldrick aka Shambles, who has made a name for himself due to his ability to tame monsters around the Irish coastline armed with a bodyboard and a set of balls to match that of a Matador. … Read more

25 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings

There are few things we can say that everyone has in common, however there is something which we can all pretty much agree on is that we dream in our sleep. The scientist in me would say that dreaming helps our subconscious brains figure out all of the stress and excitement in our lives by … Read more

8 Muscle-Building Breakfast Foods

 If you have taken to maintaining a muscle building fitness regime then you will want to start they day in the right way. What you eat in the morning sets up your energy levels, starts up your metabolism and begins fueling muscle growth. Skipping breakfast is an amateur mistake and not one that should be … Read more

5 Essential Survival Skills Every Man Needs

Get lost in the wild? Surely that couldn’t happen to me! This is what every man thinks until it eventually happens and he is required to use his natural instincts to survive outdoors. With a neverending increase on modern technology available for when you go out into the wild, some people are forgetting to develop … Read more

The Top 15 Football Movies

The best movies ever made for men…football movies. Guaranteed by now you have seen nearly every single one out there but which ones would you actually consider watching again simply because they were just that good? There are so many polls out there that may or may not agree with me but here’s my list … Read more

5 Natural Sleep Remedies For Men

In this day and age men find it hard to sleep, due to stress. Be it from work or due to pressure from other sources. More and more men are turning to natural remedies to help them get a decent night sleep. So let us delve into the areas that could help you get that … Read more