November, 2016

5 Ways To Build A Fire Without A Lighter

Not too long ago I was hanging out on a beach in New Zealand with a couple of friends. We had some supplies for food and the logical thought was, “wouldn’t it be great to build a bonfire and cook?” It wasn’t the easiest task, as none of us really possessed the knowledge of how … Read more

4 Manly Rules For Writing an Effective Cover Letter

Psychologists have found that it only takes an average of 8 seconds for a prospective employer to determine if they are going to read your cover letter and resume. This is true and is based upon basic fundamental psychology because on average, we each require only 8 seconds to make a subconscious decision about something … Read more

How To Spot A Fake Cigar

Like other luxury products, such as watches, bags and clothing; cigars are heavily counterfeited, which results in billions of dollars in lost sales each year. If you are a regular cigar smoker, then you’ve probably had first-hand experience with fake cigars, even if you didn’t know it. With more technological machinery and tools at a … Read more