March, 2017

Best Gaming Monitor in 2017 – Review

Purchasing a dedicated monitor for gaming can really boost both your performance and your overall experience, when looking for the best gaming monitor there are a couple of criteria to consider. A dedicated monitor can help you notice minute details in the visuals of games, and it can help you perform better due to instant … Read more

best tactical flashlight

Best Tactical Flashlight Reviews in 2017

For those who work in law enforcement or enjoy hobbies like hunting and camping, finding the best tactical flashlight for your needs is very important. Tactical flashlights provide light that is much brighter and more reliable than traditional commercial flashlights, and most offer multiple light settings. A good go helps you stay safe in challenging or … Read more

Best Survival Knife in 2017 Reviews

If you love hiking, hunting, fishing, swimming, or camping, there’s a good chance that you’re looking for the best survival knife to have at your disposal. They are useful for emergency situations, and many of them have a variety of functions that can be incredibly useful in a pinch! There are many survival knives available … Read more

Best Electric Shaver Reviews in 2017 – Must READ

While it’s safe to say that electric shavers still can’t get as close as blades these days there’s very little in it when it comes to a close shave. Most electric razors offer simple convenience above all, and the comfort of not dealing with nicks and razor burn scrapes. Electric razors come in a host … Read more

Best Multi Tool Reviews in 2017 – Must READ

Every household should have basic tools. This can include, hammers, screwdrivers, pliers, blades, and even bottle and can openers the best multi tool should have these. But what if you could have all of that in one simple multipurpose object? Well, that is essentially what multi tools are. These great items have a ton of … Read more