5 Ways To Build A Fire Without A Lighter

Not too long ago I was hanging out on a beach in New Zealand with a couple of friends.

We had some supplies for food and the logical thought was, “wouldn’t it be great to build a bonfire and cook?”

It wasn’t the easiest task, as none of us really possessed the knowledge of how to build a fire, but there was timber around and we managed with the help of a lighter.

It got me thinking.

This is something every man should know – I mean, what if we didn’t have a lighter?

It’s definitely has come up several times in my life and I suspect it will come up several more.

So here’s how you can start a fire without a lighter

Using Batteries and Steel Wool

Admittedly I’m probably less likely to be carrying out a battery and steel wool than I am a lighter or matches BUT I do love the creativity in this one. It just goes to show how many different ways there are to create an electrical spark and build a fire.

Additionally, this one seems SUPER simple, if you have the supplies, and I guess if you’re on a camping trip it’s not that unrealistic that you might bring along some steel wool to scrub your pots.

Lastly, there are some nice tips around how to collect the timber, which is just as important as the method itself.

Using Flint and Steel

I’ll be honest – I’m pretty much a survival noob (which is why I’m researching for this article).

I don’t even know what flint is. In fact, I pretty much associate flint EXCLUSIVELY with fire building. It’s like the oldest, most caveman-esque way I can think of to build a fire.

So I had to find a video that involved flint.

Using a Magnifying Glass

Now we’re getting into the realm of – oh I MIGHT actually have this.

Whether it’s a magnifying glass or just regular glasses, pretty much all of us learned how to direct sunlight and burn a hole through paper (or into ant farms) as kids.

What we never did was expand on this knowledge to generate a fire.

This one would not have helped me because it requires the daylight, but it’s a solid one no doubt.

With a Hand Drill

This one is a lot more involved but it is also reminiscent of a method I recall from my childhood.

I really love his point about survival being a calories game and trying to be as efficient as you can while you’re out in the woods.

With A Shoestring And A Knife

This is an interesting variation of the above. I think it’s similar in principle but it’s a different way to handle the drilling.

I like that he takes it all the way to the end to actually start the fire, and you see the flames, not just the coals.

Well, at the end of the day, the only thing I know for sure is that I should probably carry a lighter at all times because this stuff takes practice!
Which method did you like the best?

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