9 Classic Moustache Styles You Can Rock

As men, we often debate the idea of sporting facial hair. Sometimes we may not be able to grow a mustache or a beard due to where we work (which sucks). There is one month in which we can grow the most ridiculous handlebar mustache and not worry and this is during Movember.  There’s a … Read more

What is The Best Smelling Mens Cologne?

Alright men – let’s ditch the smelly, caveman look and try t class it up…for once. Always smelling great should be at the top of the list of any man’s agenda. But it’s not always that easy. Not everyone likes the same smells, and not every smell likes every man. So, here are the best … Read more

How To Tie A Bow Tie

    Learning how to tie a bow tie is not that difficult…once you have done it a few times! I had to learn for my honeymoon cruise to the Carribean as the ship held 4 formal evenings and I had to dress to impress. Only a tux will do on occasions like this! Run … Read more

10 Cool Paracord DIY Projects

If you’re into survival gadgets, then no doubt you’ve seen the Paracord Bracelet. A simple product with a multitude of uses. Chances are you may have bought one from Ebay or Amazon, the trouble is these are generally crappy quality and just don’t fit right. What you may not know if that these things are … Read more