Bare Foot Running Is Good For You

In some parts of the world, shoe’s are referred to as ‘foot coffins’. These parts of the world are much closer to home than you may think. From marathon runners to everyday office guys, an ever growing number of us are making the switch to barefoot running. It’s Not Just For Hippies and Zen Masters … Read more

8 Muscle-Building Breakfast Foods

 If you have taken to maintaining a muscle building fitness regime then you will want to start they day in the right way. What you eat in the morning sets up your energy levels, starts up your metabolism and begins fueling muscle growth. Skipping breakfast is an amateur mistake and not one that should be … Read more

The Importance of Core Strength

It seems that the #1 fitness goal of most men is a better body where they will be sporting six-pack abs. Whilst this is a respectable gym goal, the reality of attaining a six-pack is a bit harder than most anticipate. The importance of core strength cannot be emphasized enough in the world of sports … Read more