best gaming keyboard reviews

Best Gaming Keyboard Reviews in 2017 + Ultimate Guide

For any gamer, whether casual or professional, good equipment is essential to ensuring a positive performance and is necessary in order to improve at gameplay. As skilled as you may be, a good worker still requires tools, so it is important to choose the best gaming keyboard that can help complement your abilities. The world … Read more

Stuhrling Watches

Top 5 Stuhrling Watches Reviewed

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best earbuds

Best Earbuds Reviews 2017 – Must READ Before Buying

The humble headphone has come a long way, and now we have everything from noseplugs that use your cheekbones to transmit sound to tiny little in ear gadgets no bigger than a nail. Earbuds have become the standard and they’re often the cheapest choice, requiring less materials to make and easily replaceable. En big headphone … Read more

August Steiner Watches

Top 5 August Steiner Watches Reviews

In this article we take a look at the top 5 August Steiner watches reviews to help figure out more about this brand and what makes them a choice to watch. You’ve spotted a good looking watch, you’ve never heard of the company and you’re skeptical of just buying it. What if it’s just cheap junk? … Read more

Lucien PIccard Watch Reviews

Top 5 Lucien Piccard Watches Reviews 2017

If you’ve made it here you probably came across a stunning watch but weren’t familiar with the brand name. Lucien Piccard watches certainly can catch your eye when it comes to beautiful timepieces. Lucien Piccard is a great brand to consider when you don’t want to spend a fortune but still want a classic Swiss … Read more

Seiko 5 SNK809 Review

Seiko 5 SNK809 review — In this article you’ll find out whether this watch is worth the money, pros and cons, design and functionality. While Japanese watches aren’t quite as sought after as their Swiss cousins they’re thought of as the more everyday and affordable choice. Seiko has been around since 1881, when pocket watch … Read more

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Top 5 Akribos Watches Reviewed

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Cheap Watches That Look Expensive

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Invicta Pro Diver Watch Review

Invicta Pro Diver Watch Review

Invicta has been around since 1837, and originally came from La Caux-de-Fonds in Switzerland. It was founded by Raphael Picard whose family owned the company until the 1990s when it was sold to an investment company and renamed the Invicta Watch Group which also encompassed S. Coifman, Glycine, and TechnoMarine. In this article we’re going … Read more