5 Essential Survival Skills Every Man Needs

Get lost in the wild? Surely that couldn’t happen to me! This is what every man thinks until it eventually happens and he is required to use his natural instincts to survive outdoors. With a neverending increase on modern technology available for when you go out into the wild, some people are forgetting to develop … Read more

The Top 15 Football Movies

The best movies ever made for men…football movies. Guaranteed by now you have seen nearly every single one out there but which ones would you actually consider watching again simply because they were just that good? There are so many polls out there that may or may not agree with me but here’s my list … Read more

5 Natural Sleep Remedies For Men

In this day and age men find it hard to sleep, due to stress. Be it from work or due to pressure from other sources. More and more men are turning to natural remedies to help them get a decent night sleep. So let us delve into the areas that could help you get that … Read more

10 Facts About Alcohol You Should Know

Entertainment, Vices 10 Facts About Alcohol You Should Know Despite the ‘fact’ that alcohol tastes and makes us feel good, here are 10 actual facts that you should know, be it for trivia knowledge, preventing a hangover or getting rid of that beer belly! 1. Eating Beforehand Alcohol dehydrates you, we all know this. Going … Read more

25 Jokes About Men

Alright, we all know that men, at times, have their faults (at least, the other sex will tell us so). It’s important to take a little bit of time to laugh about the things that make us men (but, secretly, we can be proud of it, but let’s just keep it between us lads – … Read more

The Importance of Core Strength

It seems that the #1 fitness goal of most men is a better body where they will be sporting six-pack abs. Whilst this is a respectable gym goal, the reality of attaining a six-pack is a bit harder than most anticipate. The importance of core strength cannot be emphasized enough in the world of sports … Read more