5 Ways To Build A Fire Without A Lighter

Not too long ago I was hanging out on a beach in New Zealand with a couple of friends. We had some supplies for food and the logical thought was, “wouldn’t it be great to build a bonfire and cook?” It wasn’t the easiest task, as none of us really possessed the knowledge of how … Read more

Best Film Endings….Ever!

The end can make for a terrific film, or a bad one. It can also create careers (ask M. Night Shyamalan) or break them. When you leave a multiplex screen after watching a film there is a good chance that how the movie ended is what stays with you. Having watched hundreds and hundreds of … Read more

The Top 15 Football Movies

The best movies ever made for men…football movies. Guaranteed by now you have seen nearly every single one out there but which ones would you actually consider watching again simply because they were just that good? There are so many polls out there that may or may not agree with me but here’s my list … Read more