20 American Words and Their Hilarious British Equivalents

Here at Life Of Men, we have a fun time deciphering each other’s words and meanings both in emails and on phone calls.

With an American, a Brit and a Irish bloke on the team, you can understand how things can get confusing real quick.

This article takes a look at some of the funniest American words we’ve come across that mean something totally different in the UK.

We’ve even added a nice little image representation followed by a sentence to show how one would use such a word…just to avoid any confusion!

  1. Hooker


US – Should we invite a few hookers to your bachelor party?

UK – Brian, You’re playing hooker today.

  1. Chips



US – Pass the chips, the movie is about to start.

UK – I’ll have fish and chips please love.

  1. Shag



US – We really need to give that old shag a clean.

UK – Hey love, fancy a shag?

  1. Football



US – I’m off to play Football, have you seen my helmet?

UK  – I’m off to play Football, don’t forget the magic sponge.

  1. Bird



US – Look at the lovely colors on that bird.

UK – Check out that bird in the water.

  1. Pants



US – Oh yeah, I definitely wear the pants in the relationship.

UK – Don’t get caught with your pants down.

  1. Jumper



US – OMG! There’s a jumper on the roof, somebody call 911.

UK – Darling, have you seen my golf jumper?

  1. Braces



US – Now, we need to tighten up these braces just a touch more to straighten out those teeth.

UK – If I didn’t have these braces on my pants would be around my ankles!

  1. Pissed



US – That sneaky mother f**king, co%k Su%ker. Man I’m pissed!

UK – Right lads, time to go home. You’re all pissed.

  1. Bum



US – Pay your rent or else you’ll end up like a bum on the street.

UK – Check out the bum on that hottie..

  1. Coach



US – Listen to the coach at all times during the game.

UK – The coach will pick you up after the game.

  1. Banger



US – Be careful in that neighborhood. It’s a know gang banger area.

UK – Do you want mash potato with your bangers?

  1. Bog



US – You don’t want to go swimming in that bog, there’s gators in there.

UK – “Dan…Where are you?” ….. “I’m on the Bog“

  1. Trainer



US – I’m going to hire a trainer to lose this holiday weight.

UK – Darling, have you seen my other trainer?

  1. Rubber



US – Dammit, I made a mistake. Can I use your rubber?

UK – “Wait, Wait, Stop. Do you have a rubber?”

  1. Fancy Dress



US – Hey girls, are we wearing a fancy dress tonight?

UK – You should come along to my fancy dress party.

  1. Shorts



US – So I stood there in just my shorts, hoping my mom wouldn’t suspect anything.

UK – Another short please barman, and make it a double.

  1. Tube



US – What’s on the tube tonight?

UK – Man, I hate the tube. It’s always packed.

  1. Flannel



US – Shall we both wear flannel today?

UK – Love, I’m taking a shower. Have you seen my flannel?

  1. Vest



US – It’s smart dress only. I think I’ll wear a vest.

UK – It’s warm out. I should have wore my vest.

Have any funny words you’ve heard lost in translation? Let us know in the comments.

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