25 Most Common Dreams and Their Meanings

There are few things we can say that everyone has in common, however there is something which we can all pretty much agree on is that we dream in our sleep.

The scientist in me would say that dreaming helps our subconscious brains figure out all of the stress and excitement in our lives by working through problems – even if we don’t know we’ve got those problems.

However the more intersting part of dreaming is interpreting your dreams. Genrally speaking whats going on in your personal and professional life wdictate what you dream about. With that being said, here are 25 of the most common dreams and a quick description of what they may mean for you.

1) Spiders – you could be manipulating someone or being manipulated by someone; this all depends on the dream and if you were weaving the web or if you were trapped in it.

2) Being chased – you may be avoiding something, or someone, and it’s best for you to turn and deal with it head-on.

3) Being Naked in Public – this is a dream that everyone has had and it usually means that you feel exposed or vulnerable. Let’s hope you aren’t having this dream out of some repressed desire to go streaking, that never ends well!

4) Losing your Teeth – this dream commonly means that you are lacking confidence in something, but it has also been said to mean that you should keep a close watch on your money.

5) Falling – everyone has heard of the classic “falling to your death” dream and it is definitely a myth that you will die in real life if you get to the bottom of the fall. This could mean that you are losing something or that you are “falling” down the wrong path.

6) Flying – depending on your flight pattern this could mean you are very successful or that you need to overcome some obstacle.

7) Having a child – this is a common dream which is sparked by our natural need to reproduce.

8) Death/Dying – this type of dream could symbolize something in your life coming to a physical or metaphorical end.

9) Being Lost – this can be a particularly stressful dream and generally means that you are starting out on a challenge which you may feel unprepared for.

10) Water – depending on the situation in the dream this could mean that you are offering positive life changes to other (if you are offering them the water).

11) Being back at school – this often means that you are experiencing something at work which reminds you of your school life

12) Being Cheated On – this doesn’t mean that your partner is actually cheating on you, just that you have some suspicion or jealousy.

13) Snakes – this usually means that a hidden threat is lurking in your life

14) Being late – simply put, this dream means that you are anxious about something in your life, usually school or work.

15) Being Unprepared to Perform – this means that you feel inadequate or like you are under-delivering

16) Sexual dreams – this is usually about your waking desire for someone you love or lust after. It could also mean that you want to be closer to someone.

17) Sex-mares – having a dream about sleeping with someone you are not attracted to generally is, again, just a continuation of your waking feelings towards that person.

18) Being shot – dreaming about being injured or shot usually means that you feel violated or victimized in your waking life

19) Being exposed on the toilet – again, like being naked, this means you feel vulnerable or, quite literally, exposed

20) Driving an out of control vehicle usually indicates that you feel out of control in your own life and you need to take back control.

21) Celebrities – hanging out with celebrities in your dreams usually means you long for a higher social status in your life.

22) Can’t make a phone call – not being able to make a phone call in your dream indicates that you feel cut off or out of touch with people

23) Being paralyzed in your dream usually indicates that you feel trapped or stuck in a situation.

24) If you can’t find the bathroom in your dream, you probably need to actually wake up to use the bathroom.

25) Being frustrated in your dreams usually means that you are not having restful sleep due to circumstances in your waking life and you need to get these issues under control in order to regain restfulness

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