5 Natural Sleep Remedies For Men

In this day and age men find it hard to sleep, due to stress. Be it from work or due to pressure from other sources. More and more men are turning to natural remedies to help them get a decent night sleep. So let us delve into the areas that could help you get that much deserved sleep. The five which are on the  top of the list are,

Valerian: Valerian has been used for over 1000 years to promote sleep, its natural calming effect helps to relax the mind and body, increasing the brain levels of GABA ( which is the calming neurotransmitter ) helping us to sleep. Instead of popping a tea bag in a cup, try

Lemon Balm. A couple of lemon balm leaves soaked for around 5 to ten minutes, aids in reducing stress and it also is good for the digestive system, ( especially good if you have had that Kebab after closing time ) come on guys we all buy one, it is tradition after all !

Hops: Yes hops! No I don’t mean nipping to the super market and buying 10 cans of bitter. Used as a mild sedative ( 30- 120 mg ) also for anxiety, what better way to get a good night’s sleep, best of all, the other half wont smell the aroma of beer on your breath.

Aromatherapy: Okay I can hear you already, ‘a bit girlie isn’t it ‘Just imagine, a glass of wine with the other half, while you lie back and relax, they can rub the many aromatherapy oils on your body. You will be out like a light…Mind that could be also due to the fact you drank the 2nd bottle of wine!

L – theanine: We are back to the Tea again, (50 – 200 mg) not only does this aid sleep at night, but also promotes a calm alertness during the day (great for dealing with that work colleague, who is a pain in the…)   All of the above can be bought at your local health shop, who should advise you if you are under any medication to check with a doctor.

Now we know the above can be good for you, of course there are other alternatives…. I mean, having sex six times before you go to bed is a sure way to get to sleep. Going down the pub on your own, finding the most boring bloke in there and listening to him for an hour two, yep, that will work. A personal favorite of mine, as mentioned above, a bottle of wine (or two) works for me every time.

Now I am going to have the health freaks knocking at my door… I am kidding man…Honest!

If you have a good place to go for a jog, go for a three mile run, or if you’re like me, twice around the block. Who knows, you may pass the off license and pick up that bottle of wine on the way back (was that a knock at the door) ?. And If you are an avid TV watcher and really don’t fancy all that exercise, get a can of beer in each hand and use them as dumb bells, make sure you have not opened them! Mind you have to be watching something like the life cycle of the caterpillar, or something equally as boring, by then you will have drunk the beer and really do want to go to sleep.

One of my personal favorites (mainly because it means no exercise and I am in bed already) is to…no not that, lie on your back, make sure you are comfortable, with the lights out start from your feet. You have to tell them they are relaxing, they are so relaxed they are falling asleep. Do this all the way up your body, take your time. When you get to your head, even tell your ears, eyes etc. the same. It works, guaranteed!

The other I use is while in bed, look straight up at the ceiling, then to look up (without moving your head) about six inches ( come on guys we all know what six inches looks like) and try to keep your eyes open, think of nothing. Do this in the dark. I will guarantee you won’t know if your eyes are opened or closed, and will have to blink to find out.

I hope this has given, for those of you who have trouble sleeping, (take comfort you are not alone with this problem) some insight into ways to lessen the stress in your life or at least given you a bit of a laugh (another great stress reliever) There are many quotations from famous people on sleep, well there would be wouldn’t there. My favorite is from Ernest Hemingway: I love my sleep, my life has the tendency to fall apart when I am awake, you know.

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