8 Muscle-Building Breakfast Foods

 If you have taken to maintaining a muscle building fitness regime then you will want to start they day in the right way. What you eat in the morning sets up your energy levels, starts up your metabolism and begins fueling muscle growth. Skipping breakfast is an amateur mistake and not one that should be made by anyone who is serious about building and maintaining muscle.

If you are skipping breakfast, then you are missing an important component in your muscle building efforts. Make sure you start the day off right by feeding your muscles so you can have enough energy to power through the day and some tough workouts. A high protein breakfast kickstart your body out of the catabolic state and set your body up to build muscle later. The only time I would avoid eating first thing is if you are going for a run or doing yoga as these are best done with an empty stomach and you can re-fuel straight after.

So lets get into it.. “Which foods should I eat?”… Life of Men have gathered 8 breakfast foods that will help you build bigger muscles and help maintain the progress you have made at the gym.

1 – Eggs

There are few muscle-building foods that are better than eggs. Packed close to 4 grams of protein per serving, they have helped countless natural bodybuilders and athletes add muscle mass. Some health enthusiasts will say to only eat theegg white because the yolk has dietary cholesterol. However, according to research, egg yolks actually lower LDL “bad” cholesterol and increases HDL “good” cholesterol. Also, egg yolk provides an adequate amount of healthy, fatty acids (Omega 3s) that serves many bodily functions including muscle growth. I would recommend leaving in one yolk with your scrambled or boiled egg but each man will have his own preferences. You can make a variety of different breakfasts with eggs so learn how to scramble, boil, poach and make omelets so you don’t get bored!

2 – Bacon

When it comes to bacon, I am sure you heard that turkey bacon is better for you!? If you actually read the nutrition facts it can become a bit of a clash of research. Bacon from a pig is quite high in saturated fat and it is actually classified as a fat, not as a meat. Both bacons contain about the same amount of calories, saturated fat and sodium unless you do your research and find a really good turkey bacon. As far as calories go, the difference between some healthy turkey bacon and fatty pig is negligible and depending on the slice, turkey bacon can tip the scales a touch more as the cut is not from the breast. As for the muscle building benefits of bacon, it provides a good source of protein and healthy fats to do just that. So don’t be ashamed to fry up some bacon this morning, just don’t be eating it everyday!

3 – 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Notice I did not say just “wheat bread” or “100% wheat bread.” It is important that you only purchase bread that is 100% whole wheat if you want to reap the benefit of building muscle.The reason for this is that most other types of bread (especially white bread) removes the vital nutrients. This includes bran fiber that aids in a healthy bowel. While it does not provide much protein, the fiber in the bread helps cleanse your body; thus setting up an environment for muscle-building nutrients such as protein to be absorbed in your muscles. Just remember to only purchase bread that label reads “100% whole wheat bread.”

4 – Oatmeal

A good old bowl of oatmeal not only makes a good muscle-building breakfast food, but a quality pre-workout food as well; especially for those who train in the morning. The reason is that oatmeal has a good blend of proteins and complex carbohydrates that will give you energy throughout your workout. To add additional fiber (and flavor), include fruit slices such as apples or blueberries to your oatmeal. If you really want to add some protein power then put in a spoon or two of whey to your morning porridge and start your daily routine with a protein boost.

5 – Milk

As far build muscle goes, milk is one of the best protein sources available. (I can see the Paleo fanatics rolling there eyes), but drinking milk helps build muscle! Why is that? Milk is about 20% whey and 80% casein. Both are high-quality proteins that break down into amino acids and are absorbed into the bloodstream. Milk  provides you with around 8 grams of protein per serving along with other muscle-building vitamins and minerals. In addition, the calcium it contains supports strong, healthy bones and it is a good thing if you plan on adding muscle. Due to strengthening your bones, you are able to decrease your risk of injury in order to consistently train. That is a great thing because as with anything else in life, to accomplish a goal, you have to be consistent in pursuing it. Building muscle is no different. Cheers to milk!

6 – Breakfast Pitta

This is a quick breakfast that packs in a lot of flavor and variety. Try frying up 4 mushrooms, some egg whites, red pepper and whatever else you fancy and put it in a piece of pita bread for a fast on the go breakfast. Add tomatoes, lettuce and salad if you desire but this wake up meal should have you feeling full for a few hours.

7 – Protein Pancakes

If you thought protein cereal was kind of farfetched, then how about turning pancakes into a muscle-building food!? The way you can do so is by mixing whey protein powder in with the pancake mix. Simple as that. Be sure to mix it with a whey protein powder you find tasty or you won’t be enjoying your pancake very much. This is a great way to increase morning protein intake.

8 – Fruit Protein Smoothies

If you are rushing late to work, then I believe there is not a better muscle-building meal to make than a fruit smoothie. To make one, all you need to do is mix whey protein powder, water, and a fruit(s) of your choice in a quality blender. Not only are fruit smoothies very nutritious and quick to create, they are diverse; thus, the combinations are endless.

In conclusion, this list was about giving you some muscle-building breakfast options. At the end of the day, it is up to you whether you start the day with a breakfast that will help with your fitness regime, or a bowl of sugary rice!

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