9 Classic Moustache Styles You Can Rock

adam_clipped_rev_1As men, we often debate the idea of sporting facial hair. Sometimes we may not be able to grow a mustache or a beard due to where we work (which sucks). There is one month in which we can grow the most ridiculous handlebar mustache and not worry and this is during Movember.  There’s a lot of responsibility that comes with a beard, so choose yours wisely.

Every year, hundreds of men grow and style their mustaches in hopes of accumulating local fame, appearing charitable, and certainly some left over crumbs from breakfast.


Let us have a look at the most impressive moustache styles you can use to grow a glorious moustache. Those who have mastered the mustache-growing technique throughout the ages have stood the test of time. These are in no particular order of preference.

1)   This pointy and somewhat strange moustache is called the reverse mo. It is a design classic but very difficult to pull off.  This style requires much time, preening, care and attention; a real commitment for any man.



2)      The handlebar.. Made famous by Hulk Hogan and biker gangs, the handlebar moustache is both a classic and a favourite amongst men. I grew one last year as you can see above. It require little effort and is easy to maintain.


3)      TV’s favourite anchorman looks a little bit 70′s with his Ron Burgandy moustache. This is called the Chevron and is a variation of the handlebar, grown thick and bushy. Stay classy!

Ron Burgandy


4)      The Pencil is for those who lack in bushiness above the upper lip. A thin strip of hair, just enough to be seen hardly qualifies as a moustache but gets a mention in the list. Mind that you don’t end up as creepy looking as John Walters in this picture. The pencil best suits someone with the confidence to pull off such a difficult look.  Mr Walters just might have that.



5)      The Devil is a classic moustache with a slight bit of chin hair to accompany it. Mel Gibson shows a great example. The Devil’s unique moustache/goatee combo does bespeak a certain smug confidence and vintage elegance for the right man.


6)      The Pyramidal is a classic for the larger gentleman. So named because of its pyramid like shape, it is narrow on top and wide on the bottom. This style of moustache best suits rounder shaped faces or George Clooney in ‘Men Who Stare At Goats.’ 



7)     The Half Arsed, Oh is that a moustache? I thought it was some bum fluff on your chin.. The slight stubble above and below the lip begs the question of commitment on behalf of the bearer. Common amongst artists, french and those incapable of greater moustaches.



8) The Hitler.. This needs no introduction or explanation. A mini moustache associated with one of the most powerful leaders of the 20th Century.


9) The Combo is a top level entertainer. You will automatically feel the need to sip bourbon, discuss political matters, philosophy, as well as invade the north. It takes a brave man to commit to this style, but those who do would have it no other way.


So this concludes our review of the 8 classic moustache styles here on Life of Men. There was a time when every man in the army had to sport some hair above his lip. The love for mustaches has come back with a bang so have a think about your styles for next Movember now or just start growing!

The main Movember authority site in the US is here. This site covers all things mustache and you can submit your own pictures and stories to be featured on there. Who knows, maybe you will win, or possibly be out manned!

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