Best Bachelor party Destinations In Europe

Well here you are, you filthy party animal.. You have landed on a post about the best bachelor party destinations in Europe 2014 and I think it is safe enough to assume that I know what you are looking for. It will consist of gorgeous women, adrenaline pumping activities, copious amounts of alcohol and someone to organize or streamline the activities. While our brothers across the big blue in the USA might hit up Vegas, Atlantic City or Miami for a bachelor party, let us take a look a little closer to home for those of us based in the cultural melting pot that is Europe. After some ground breaking research and word of mouth stories I have a list of all the Best Bachelor Party Destinations in Europe

If you’re the bachelor, first of all congratulations and we wish you good luck on your with the future wife. We want you to have good clean fun and hope that no Facebook photo ruins your wedding or pisses off the bride to be. However, it’s time to forget all that and get to the juicy stuff so pay attention. Most of these bachelor party destinations are an easy €150 return Ryanair or EasyJet flight from anywhere in the UK or Ireland, so get off your backside and start making a plan!

Munich, Bavaria, Germany

When: Mid September to Early October.

2014 – Sep 20 to Oct 5
2015 – Sep 19 to Oct 4

Why: Simply put. Oktoberfest!


This 16 day annual festival is attended by over 5 million people each year. It is renowned for its strong beers, namely the Oktoberfest Beer, which is to be consumed in very large quantities.

Speaking of beer, only a special type of beer is allowed to be served and consumed at Oktoberfest and that is those that have passed the ‘German Beer Purity Law’. Which is why you will be drinking ale at 12% and above… Are you up for the challenge? This has messy written all over it!

Oktoberfest currently has fourteen large tents and twenty smaller tents where the beer and food are served. There are fair rides and loads of other things to do; it literally turns itself into a massive village full of the drunk and impressionable.

How Much: Entry into the beer tents is FREE! (Getting there early in the morning – 10am – is advised as they fill up quickly). Also make sure you plan this for the middle of the week. It’s very hard to get in on the weekends.

Currency: Euro

Good For: Beer, fun rides, German food, Bavarian Hats, crowded places with lots of women!

Local Beer: Oktoberfest Beer, 12.5% and above.

Other Info:

  • Pictures – View the past festivals HERE
  • Webcams – Oktoberfest allows your friends at how to watch the events unfold on live webcams.
  • Decent Hotel – Pension Westfalia
  • Opening Hours Weekdays: 10am – 10:30pm Saturdays, Sundays and holidays: 9am – 10:30pm -Daily Tent Closing Time: 11:30pm


I couldn’t leave out the now infamous bachelor party destination that is Prague.  The capital and largest city of the Czech Republic, it is also the fourteenth-largest city in the European Union. But who cares about that? What you want to know is what can we do and how much fun can we have..

When: Anytime! Winter will be cold with snow and summer should be toasty.

Why: Prague has everything a group of men could possibly need for a weekend of debauchery: a buzzing atmosphere, reasonable prices, a casual dress code, late closing times, strip clubs and beautiful women everywhere.

Currency: The currency in Prague is the Czech Crown (czk). £1 = 33.13 approx

Good For: Strip Clubs, Go-Karting, Tank Driving, Shooting AK 47′s, White Water Rafting, Indoor Skydive, Paintball, Night Clubs, Bar Crawls, Casino, SWAT Training, Cheap Beer

Local Beer: Pilsner Urquell is the best known Czech Beer and the most widely exported Czech beer is Budvar, called Budweiser in German. Not the same as its American rival

Other info: For more info on Prague and all that there is to do check out this site.

Prague Stag Weekend made the promo video above.

Stag Prague offer package tours in many countries especially Prague


Zagreb, Croatia

When: Suitable for anytime of the year, however the best time to visit is late May to early September.

Why: Croatia has a long standing relationship with its beer. They consume the highest amount of all the Balkan countries, at over 74 litres per capita. Mix this with guns and you’re in for a wicked time. Yes that’s right, a selection of hand guns can be fired on a range (thank god for the relaxed Eastern European laws!). Find out who has the best shot in your group while in one of the best bachelor party destinations in Europe. There are also many bars, nightclubs, casino’s and strip clubs you can visit during your stay. With a flight time of just 2.5 hours from the UK, it’s a no brainer.


Currency: Croatian Kuna (£1 GBP = approx 9.3 KRK)

Good For: Gun shooting, Hangover Spa, Beer Tasting, Clubs and Bars, Relaxed Eastern European Laws, Women, Gambling

Local Beer: Ozujsko, Zagrebacka brewery

Other info: Check out Stag Croatia for packages and ideas

Coasteering in Pembrokeshire, Wales

When: Anytime of the year as it always rains in Wales, well 96.5% of the time!

Why: To get away from all the hustle and bustle of city life and live it up in the country with your mates, a few beers and some awesome adrenaline pumping activities. Not many people would believe that Wales would make the best bachelor party destinations in Europe list, but it has and rightly so. The team at Preseli Venture have been running excursions for 21 years along this wild and rugged north Pembrokeshire coast that are perfect for the adrenalin packed adventure sport of coasteering, with the emphasis on cliff jumping, climbing, rock gully swimming, cave exploration, rock scrambling, and wave riding varying depending on tide, weather, swell and location. This sounds like a lot of action followed by many beers. I doubt you will find any casinos or strippers in Pembrokeshire!

There is an Eco Lodge nearby which sleeps up to 40 people and they have a fully licensed bar with  their very own chef. You can book a range of activities with them including Coasteering, which is rapidly growing in popularity and is great fun.

How Much: B&B £39 per person per night. This includes all facilities.

Driving Time: Depends where you are in the UK.

Currency: UK Sterling

Good For: Coasteering, Sandy Beaches, Kayaking, Cycling, Cliff Jumping, Rock Gully Swimming, Cave Exploration, Rock Scrambling and Surfing

Local Beer: Gwaunvalley Brewery produces a number of pale and dark ales for your consumption.

Other Info: Check out for more info

Budapest, Hungary

When: May to October for sunshine but you can also go out of season and get cheaper flights and accommodation.

Why: Budapest is cheap, fun and you can be shooting an AK47 while drinking a beer at 10am on a monday. It is a place to bring out the pure divil in a man. There are numerous party planners offering to pick you up at the airport in a stretch hummer and take you to strip clubs and bars before your action packed days of shooting guns and go-karting. Expect some drunken munch on hot Goulash followed by yet more beer in one of the best bachelor party destinations in Europe, Budapest!

There is even a ‘Steak and Tits’ dinner service where you are served by topless waitresses for bachelor parties in Budapest as well as a casino or two offering the chance to win back your flight costs…. It’s your call.

Currency: Forint (£1 GBP = approx 360 Forint)

Good For: Shooting AK47’s and Pistol, Strip Clubs, Go-Karting, Tank Driving, Clay Pigeon Shooting, Mud/Oil Show, Paintball, Skydive, Night Clubs, Bar Crawls, Casino

Local Beer: Dreher Brewery produce the Dreher Classic and Arany Ászok which are both pilsner-style lagers

Other info: There are a few different websites which offer package deals for Budapest stag parties and they all have a custom build option to make your party the best possible one. These are the ones that deserve a mention.

Budapest Madness are the top dog in Budapest Stag Do’s. Every activity covered and then some.

Stag Heaven Budapest offer airport pickup, medieval banquets and private strip club access..

Pissup Beers, Babes and Bullets. Need I say more?



The city of sin where you will smell clouds of weed smoke filling cafes and bars. If your bachelor party crew likes a puff of mary jane and enjoy spacing out on magic mushrooms, then maybe Amsterdam is the spot for your bachelor party in Europe. The lax drug laws have made Amsterdam a favorite destination for many a man seeking fun and indulgence over the years, so why not throw it in the mix as a possibility for your bachelor party?

When: Anytime – but winter can be pretty cold.

Why? Schiphol airport is a very short flight from the UK and offers a wide range of activities for a stag do. 

Currency: Euro

Good For: Strip Clubs, Hookers, Night Clubs, Smoking Weed, Coffeeshop Tours, 

Local Beer: Heineken

Other info: To be honest, you could just arrive in Amsterdam and have an amazing Stag do! It would be hard to miss the clubs, strippers, sex shows, cafes and bars but for those who want it all planned, check the links below.

Last Night Of Freedom offer booze cruise, strip boat paintball and more

Amsterdam Bachelor have a nude painting workshop, striptease dinner, fire breathing and shooting available!

StagIt Ireland have a few different packages for any Irish planning on making the short flight to Amsterdam


When: Summertime, May to October and occasional winter dives can be arranged.

Why: Cyprus is sunny for most of the year and has plenty of clubs for parties and activities for daytime antics. Diving here is a popular activity and the MS Zenobia is rated as one of the top 10 wreck dives in the world. At a maximum depth of 42 meters you will need a few dives to really see her in all her glory. The Zenobia sank in 1980 on her maiden voyage, approximately 1km off Larnaca harbor off the coast of Cyprus. Maybe an odd suggestion but classic Mediterranean party vibes mixed with warm water and cheap cocktails. Sounds like a laugh to me!

Currency: Euro

Good For: Clubbing, Deep Sea Diving the shipwreck and coral reefs of the Mediterranean Sea, Sunshine, Cypriot beers and Greek inspired food. 

Local Beer: KEO (4.5% ABV) is the most popular local beer of Cyprus.

Other Info: Check out

So there you have it. The best bachelor party destinations in Europe 2014, with a list of 6 stag weekend ideas that are sure to get the stag revved up, the best man off his trolley and leave the rest of the lads to keep quiet about the whole weekend!

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