What is The Best Smelling Mens Cologne?

Alright men – let’s ditch the smelly, caveman look and try t class it up…for once. Always smelling great should be at the top of the list of any man’s agenda. But it’s not always that easy. Not everyone likes the same smells, and not every smell likes every man. So, here are the best colognes of 2014 to have you smelling good all year round.

Some quick tips about cologne before we get started:

  • Use cologne on your wrists and neck/chest.
  • It’s better to use too little and top up than use too much and suffocate everyone in a 100m radius.
  • You can also use non-scented deodorant as to not diffuse the scent of a cologne. Non-sweat deodorant is best.
  • Always try and use the cologne before purchasing. As previously mentioned, not all cologne works with everyone. A good way to do this is try in shops, and buy online to save some cash. Also don’t use cologne over cologne when testing, that’ll mess the smell right up.

So let’s get onto the best colognes of 2014…

Kenneth Cole Black – by Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole Black is best used for special occasions, such as night outs. Contrasts in many ways such as bright but dark, and cold but warm. A slightly soapy fragrance with touches of orange and mandarin.

Black can be used all year round, summer or winter, but is most often and best worn at night, as the slightly mysterious scent works well in this scenario. Not for men who like their musky smells as the mandarin scent does come out in prominence, especially in the first ten minutes of use. After that it seems to settle down and adds a little spice.

Burberry Touch – by Burberry

I received this particular cologne for this past Christmas, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. I’ve been wearing it as a day fragrance and it works well. A very bright and airy scent. I’ve been using it to brighten up these dark winter months.

Touch is slightly on the fruity side, so women do tend to like it more than men. If you’ve ever smelt a violet leaf, it pretty much smells the same. A safe cologne to use in any occasion.

M7 – By Yves Saint Laurent

If you like a deep, manly, majestic and spicy scent this you might want to take a ponder at M7, created by Tom Ford. At first use it does seem to smell a little like syrup, but after which it settles down and really comes into it’s own. It’s turns into a very woody, spicy scent – very much like amber.

This cologne also stays so long it may as well pay rent. It sticks to your body, clothes and furniture, but in a very very good way. A true manly cologne for a true manly man.

DKNY Men – by Donna Karan

A direct opposite of M7, DKNY Men is very fruity, with scents of apple and orange. It’s doesn’t last very long on the skin, so if you don’t like a lingering cologne this might be for you. Very fresh therefore it can either be used to bright up winter months or compliment the sweet smells of summer.

Gucci Guilty – by Gucci

Guilty produces a very masculine scent includes scents like oak, cedar and sandalwood. It also provides a slightly scent of lemon, which is a nice change for the mainstream orange scent. You’re sure to get a lot of compliments from the opposite sex with this one.

Boss In Motion – By Hugo Boss

Motion delivers a very subtle and slightly orange scent. Wears off quite fast on skin, but I think it excels if used on clothes. The scent stays longer and works really well if used in this way. This cologne is fantastic when used in the summer, and compliments other smells very well. It’s also not too powerful, so you shouldn’t worry about it being too overpowering.

FYI, because of the citrus scent, women could also use this as a perfume. Not the most manly, but a nice fruity smell for summer 2014.

BONUS SCENT: Gengis Khan Marc de la Morandiere

A special 2014 cologne for you, and possible the best named cologne of all time: Gengis Khan. This extra special cologne first hailed from the 90′s, and is back with a passion. It has an aroma of wood and spice, and produces a great masculine scent.

With just the right amount of lily-of-the valley and nutmeg, this cologne will have you begging for more, as well as everyone around you. Definitely not a mainstream scent such the choices above, but one which will set you apart from the pack.

This cologne covers all bases for every man. Those who like fruit: check. Those who like a woody and oak scent: check. And those who like a slightly metallic feel: check.

A mysterious and magnificent cologne. If I was ever sexually attracted to a cologne… this would be it. This is definitely one of my favourite colognes

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