Who Is The Manliest of All Manly Actors?

Our Top Ten Manly-est Actors

And Why We Chose Them

Homies, mates, brothers…time has come to push the pretty faced, hyper groomed, hairless boy out of the frame. Time has come to bring back the good ol’ fashioned man; the good ol’ fashioned whisky twirling, cigarette- puffing, moustache-and-beard blessed man.

We have had enough of the Pattinsons, Kutchers, and Biebers. Time has come to throw the spotlight on men who can hold the attention of an entire audience with their mere screen presence; actors who have a badass personality off screen and can kick ass on screen. Gentlemen, we present to you our top ten list of actors who are true blue men.

1. Clark Gable


If ever there were a definition of ‘man’, it would be Clark Gable. With his slick, parted hair, distinguished moustache, and soul-searching eyes the ‘King of Hollywood’ made women want to be with him and men to be like him. After ruling Hollywood, Gable distinguished himself in World War II with the Army Air Corps proving that he was a true man and AND off screen. Actor extraordinaire, ladies man, and someone with an appetite for living life king size. Clark Gable is our undisputed No.1.

2. James Dean


The original rebel without a cause, James Dean was a bright spark that, unfortunately, flickered too briefly. His moody, complex persona endeared the actor to an entire generation of young adults and teens who were disillusioned and angst-ridden. Dean had an active racing career besides his acting. Ironically, the actor’s insatiable need for speed resulted in his death. Undoubtedly, our No.2.

3. Russell Crowe


When he is not brawling at nightclubs and pubs, Russell Crowe acts, sings, does philanthropic work, and co-owns a rugby team in Australia. One of the few actors who had three back-to-back Oscar nominations (from 1999-2001), Crowe is your archetypal caveman who will not be tamed. And just for that he is our No.3.

4. Sir Sean Connery


It would be a travesty not to have the best Bond actor (arguably) feature at No.4 in our list. There is not a woman alive today who doesn’t still find Sean Connery a wee bit sexy, even in his old age. Agreed, he may be more sophisticated than simply manly, but a man who beat up super violins, cavort with the most beautiful of women, rides the most expensive machines, all with his suit intact deserves our respect. Probably the only man who looks no less a man in a skirt (the Scottish variety).

5. Bruce Lee


We like to think he is the original action star. The one that paved the way for the Stallones, Schwarzeneggers, and Stathams. Apart from his acting chops (pun unintended), Bruce Lee developed his own school of martial arts called Jeet Kune Do after feeling that current martial arts practices just weren’t good enough. His high-pitched howl and kung fu pose were enough to strike fear into the heart and soul of his enemies. We bow our heads in respect to the master.

6. Idris Elba


Baritone voice…check, towering personality…check (he is 6’3), smouldering eyes…check, badass…check. Idris Elba is your quintessential macho guy who can hold your attention with his voice alone. Elba won a Golden Globe for his portrayal of tormented detective, John Luther, in the self-titled BBC One show. His latest outing on screen has been portraying Nelson Mandela in Long Walk to Freedom. The actor is a professional DJ as well and performs at nightclubs under the moniker DJ Big Driis.

7. Daniel Day Lewis


For us, Daniel Day Lewis represents the old school – with values of loyalty, dedication, and hard work- in the cloak of a modern man. An actor who has essayed an eclectic variety of roles in his career, and a man who can pull off long flowing dreads (Last Of The Mohicans), handle-bar moustaches (Gangs Of New York), and the most famous beard of them all (Lincoln). Day Lewis remains the only actor to have won three Oscars for leading roles. The man has a passion for woodworking, apprenticed as a shoemaker in Italy, and can live off the land without comforts of modernity. In our books, he is Alpha.

8. James Franco


Someone who makes the list based on his astounding array of talents: Actor, filmmaker, writer, and teacher. His ruggedly good looks and almost genius talent has marked him out as a special one in Hollywood. Top contender for being the Orson Welles of our generation.

9. Humphrey Bogart


Mr. Bogart makes this list not because he has been accorded the title of the greatest male star, not because of his magnetic screen presence, not because of his legendary one liners (Here’s looking at you, kid.), but because he had a face and an attitude that distinguished him from the pretty boys and other good looking men of his generation. From all of us who do not look like the Pitts and Clooneys, thank you, Sir.

10. Christian Bale


The ‘dark knight’ who played Batman and made the comic book superhero a revered cinematic phenomenon. Need we say more. The perfect man, and actor, to sign off our list.

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