Photoshop Has Gone Too Far This Time

When it comes to hot women, I’m 100% onboard, but this just takes the pi55! I will never look at my Frtiday night takeout quite the same again. Men, if you’re smiling at the start, you may not be by the end of this short and very clever video. Man has skills! Photo credit: Andrea Schaffer

The Top 10 Countries In The World To Live In

A lot of men dream about moving to different countries and venturing out to explore the world. This could be a temporary move to the other side of the country or a major transition to a new continent. There are many factors to consider when moving to a new country and here at Life of Men … Read more

Nepal in Photos

Nepal is a fabulous place to go hiking/trekking. Trekking in the Himalayas is an amazing, multi-week long experience. I saw men of all ages doing this one, even as old as 75, so never count yourself out. Here are some pictures to enjoy. kathmandu kathmandu-1 kathmandu-Airport Annapurna-base-camp-2 Annapurna Sanctury Trek Dal-Bhat

India in photos

My recent trip to India brought back with it many memories and experiences I had only dreamed of. It is a mystical country without a doubt and one not to be taken lightly. It truly tests your ability as a traveler, and above all, your patience. Enjoy these photos. Taj-Mahal Dehli ISKON-Temple Jaipur Jaisalmer-desert Jodhpur-the-blue-city … Read more

Choosing And Naming Man’s Best Friend

We’ve seen it too many times…the bloke in the park chasing after a Chihuahua and yelling out “ here Princess”. We don’t want YOU to be that guy, therefore the LOM team pulled together to bring you THE guide to choosing and naming your dog like a man. Follow this guide and keep your man-status in-tact! Choosing a Breed … Read more

Want to Know The Best Way To Learn A New Language?

Learning a new language is one of those things we all say we would love to do, but either never got around to it or more commonly, we simply don’t know how. Let’s face it, languages are daunting, not being understood is one of the common fears, along with pronunciation and just simply looking a … Read more

Best Bachelor party Destinations In Europe

Well here you are, you filthy party animal.. You have landed on a post about the best bachelor party destinations in Europe 2014 and I think it is safe enough to assume that I know what you are looking for. It will consist of gorgeous women, adrenaline pumping activities, copious amounts of alcohol and someone … Read more

How Men With Taste Choose Cigars

Smoke The Very Best Cigar…and the very first image that pops instantly in your head is of a fine-dressed man with a nicely rolled, perfectly packed, cylindrical cigar jutting out of his lips with a wisp of smoke twirling in the air. In an age where the distinguishing line between man and woman diminishes with … Read more

Who Is The Manliest of All Manly Actors?

Our Top Ten Manly-est Actors And Why We Chose Them Homies, mates, brothers…time has come to push the pretty faced, hyper groomed, hairless boy out of the frame. Time has come to bring back the good ol’ fashioned man; the good ol’ fashioned whisky twirling, cigarette- puffing, moustache-and-beard blessed man. We have had enough of … Read more