Top 5 Stuhrling Watches Reviewed

Stuhrling Watches

There’s nothing quite like a watch to impart that sense of dignity, style and yes- adulthood. For a small wrist band, the watch you wear can say a lot about status and personality.

In this article we’re going to talk about Stuhrling watches, and why they might be a good idea for the fashion-forward person.

So who are Stuhrling, anyway?

Stuhrling are one of those brands that occupy a grey zone between ‘obviously not an executive’ and ‘flashy name brand’. Many people are not aware of this line, but those who are mostly have only good things to say.

It probably won’t come as a surprise to hear that part of this mystique has to do with the brand itself.

Henry Fischer, founder of the brand, specifically derided the snotty one-upmanship of the ‘executive’ watch, and sought a way to bring that same style and elegance to the working man’s budget.

So he specifically set out to design a brand with the elegance and quality of ‘high’ end brands, without the advertising fluff, artificial price increase and other issues. Click through if you’d like to know a little more about Stuhrling watches []

So what do Stuhrling offer?

A vision is all very good, but if the company doesn’t deliver visions tend to stay dead. Not so with Stuhrling. Prototypes hot the market in 2005, and since then the Stuhrling output has grown exponentially.

They’re particular emphasis is on style in design, so these are watches designed to look the best they can. Their various ranges reflect this urge to help the wearer stand out aesthetically without breaking the bank.

They even offer watches featuring the much-sought-after tourbillion. Tourbillions were intended to offset the bad effects of gravity back in the day, in order to average out positional issues.

True, this isn’t actually the pinnacle of a watchmaker’s craft- there are other gears and dials harder to make and set then a tourbillion.

It’s also true that tourbillions are pretty much redundant when it comes to function as modern watches have far surpassed the need for them- but there’s just something about the looks of that little added device that means tourbillion watches have come to be a symbol of top end watches- and users often pay heavily for that symbol.

In short, it was Stuhrling’s stated aim to make luxury Swiss-style watches that the average person could afford. They are manufactured in China, although not designed there, and that can put some users off.

However, you’re probably best remembering that almost all brands0 including several established ‘luxury’ ones- are made in China these days. It’s not the source of the manufacturing you need to judge, but the quality of the product.

What are the critics’ thoughts?

There’s nothing like the world of luxury watches to bring snobs out of the woodwork. If you’re the sort who can’t bear for their watch to cost less than $1000, then you likely have other lines to play with. But what do the general watch-collecting experts have to say about Stuhrling?

Mostly, watch collectors and experts agree that Stuhrling can wear a middle class executive badge with pride, with some of their collections beginning to rival Orient and Seiko.

They haven’t yet become a collector favourite, so if you are buying for resale rather than yourself they aren’t the best brand as of yet, but for those who want to own them the style and elegance of the range are often praised.

The manual ranges do get more praise then the automatics, and the quartz models are not particularly favoured unless you can get them at a great deal, but overall Stuhrling are considered a ‘brand to watch’

What are your favourite Stuhrling watches?

Here are our top 5 Stuhrling catalogue picks:

ModelFeaturesCase DiameterCase ThicknessRating 
Aquadiver Regatta EsporaWater Resistant (660 ft)44 millimeters12 millimeters4.3/5
Leisure Gen-Y QuartzWater Resistant (330 ft)46 millimeters12.4 millimeters5/5
Classic Delphi PriamGold-Layered46 millimeters13.7 millimeters4.4/5
Classic Delphi MacbethGold Skeletonized Dial44 millimeters10.9 millimeters3.7/5
Symphony CalliopeSwarovski Crystal Bezel34 millimeters9 millimeters4.4/5

Stuhrling Original Men’s 417.03

If you’d like to see this mouthful of a watch up close, here’s a great video [] you may like to check out. With a very classic metal banded man’s style, the Regatta Espora is also one of the most noted Stuhrling watches, so there’s little surprise it made it to our list.

While it lacks some of the design uniqueness of other Sturhling watches, it’s a stylish piece none-the-less. There’s a few colour combinations for this watch, but we were taken with the stainless steel and sapphire face version.

Some don’t like linked metal bracelets and push over clasps, but it’s a very traditional style of man’s watch. The Aquadiver part of the name comes from the deep water resistance rating- it’s 200m, one of the largest in the Stuhrling product range.

Amongst our reviewers, looks drove a lot of the commentary, with most loving the clean, sharp design. Several commented on the comfortable weight in the hand as well. Some people don’t favour a heavy watch though, and if that’s you this isn’t a model for you.

Stuhrling Leisure Gen-Y

If you’re not one for the fancy, sleek bankers watch this may be the pick for you. This is a sports watch with all the bells and whistles- almost literally.

The design itself is available in several colour combinations including a steel, black and red offering that’s very eye-catching, but we chose to stick to a very classic black and luminous green.

The uni-directional bezel screams ‘race car’, with triple dials and all the gadgets you could want. The case back is fully decorated too, which is a nice touch, and the strap is genuine leather with a matching contrast stitching to marry it to the clock face.

This is a watch that is water resistant to 300m, although diving is still not recommended. Of all the watches we looked at, this one got consistent praise for its timekeeping as well as its looks.

Surprisingly, packaging also got praised a lot. While it’s not the cheapest Stuhrling offering, it certainly was a hit with our male reviewers.

Classic Delphi Priam automatic

If you’re looking for unusual looks in a classic design, the Stuhrling Classic Delphi Priam might be the one from you. With an unassuming leather band embossed in a crocodile pattern, the true intrigue of this watch lies in its unusual face styling.

The rose gold plated round face holds a most intriguing skeletonised clock with almost abstract styling that is particularly eye-catching.

This is an automatic self-wind, a category of Stuhrling that can be slightly hit and miss. However, we didn’t find a user who’d had issues, and they do offer a 2 year warranty to help you should you need it.

The eye-catching design was the most commented on amount our reviewer pool, and while the rose gold looks a little copper, it is still a beautiful watch.

Delphi Macbeth Skeletonised Watch

We included a second offering from the Delphi range as skeletonised watches are all the rage in men’s watches at the moment.

While it bears resemblance to the Priam, the stainless steel round clock face appears simpler and contrasts well with the intriguing open face.

With blue hands and a gold face, this is a watch that catches immediate attention.

Again, it’s a crocodile embossed leather strap to offset the watch, and a 50m mater resistance in case of accidents. This watch has mechanical movements, and the tips are luminous to help with reading in the dark.

If you’re worried about the Priam’s auto wind, the mechanical wind on this watch should give you peace of mind.

Some users felt the colour contrasts on the dial were too loud, while others loved that when you turn the face you get presented different aspects of the décor.

A few felt that this was a longer strap then average among Stuhrling watches. Once again, looks were the make or break with this watch, and most reviewers loved it.

For the ladies: Symphony Calliope

We couldn’t end our list without including one for the ladies, for all that Sturhling are usually seen as a man’s watch. The Stuhrling Symphony Calliope is a watch for those who want to be noticed- this isn’t a discreet one.

A round dial face boasts 23k yellow gold plating with Swarovski crystals surrounding the bezel. The sapphire dial window is anti-reflective, and it’s a quartz watch.

The bracelet is three-link styled, with a clasp closure, and the watch is water resistant to 50m. This means that light swimming is ok, but not long periods of swimming or diving.

Few users were able to comment on how well this held up in practice, however- perhaps it’s best to take off any watch before swimming. All the same, you should be fine in the rain.

The Symphony Calliope is a simple, elegant though flashy design, and it’s the design that most users had comments on. Those who own this watch love it for its looks, and cannot praise them, or how those looks make them feel, enough.

We personally feel that the Stuhrling Delphi range-both the Priam and Macbeth- offer the user something truly different in elegant men’s watches.

That said, the Regatta Espora has become a signature in their range, and fans of Stuhrling passionately defend this watch, and the Gen-Y is by far the more suitable watch for a sports-loving wearer, so when picking a favourite it really depends on your watch needs.

The Stuhrling brand as a whole is one to watch, however, and their combination of price and elegance are sure to win fans.

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