Top 10 Most Expensive Hobbies

Each of us have our own hobbies and interests. Whether you play football or spin fire, there are lots of fun activities for everybody to consider taking up. While most of us have inexpensive hobbies, the more well off amongst us can afford to experiment with expensive options.

The hobbies of rich and famous people do not have money as an obstacle. Some celebs have lavish hobbies that we dream of, and some have hobbies which land them in a mugshot plastered all over the internet. Some of these can be done when you are not rich, but not very often.

Here is a list of the top 10 most expensive hobbies which you have probably dreamed of and, perhaps, actually partaken in.

1) F1 Driving – many people dream of circling a track at speeds upwards of 160 miles per hour and, fortunately for those brave-hearted folks, there are many ways you can purchase this as a gift for someone. I have seen these types of “experience gifts” given out more and more frequently. A ride in a race car is one of the most expensive experience gifts you can give, but it’s not totally unaffordable. The gift ranges from about $200 – $400 for a ride depending on the place, type of car, and length of the ride. Maintaining your own car would be a colossal cost.

2) Yacht Racing & Sailing – this is a great hobby to have as it will get you out on the open sea. It is definitely expensive considering the rates range from $5,000 upwards per day to rent your own. Buying a yacht will cost you millions, and lets not be not forgetting maintenance, docking fees, trailers, extra equipment and lessons.

3) Traveling – to take on the world is an expensive experience! Believe me, I know after all my years of exploring. Flights, hotels, trips and experiences all add up and if you really want to go all out, there is no limit to the amount of money you will spend. A round the world trip will set you back at least $10k, and a lot more if you want to do it in luxury.

4) Horse Breeding/Equestrian & Polo– The butt of many jokes, “mommy I want a pony”, is no laughing matter when you consider the thousands of dollars it costs to maintain a horses’ living conditions, dietary needs, and health each year. The cost of lessons, riding clothes, velvet show helmets, riding boots, horse leasing (if you decide not to buy a horse), trailer, show fees (for jumping and dressage competition events), barn fees, vet fees, and shoeing (if you do buy a horse), add up incredibly fast.. If you want to add membership to a polo club you can stick another $6k-10k per year.

5) Pilot – Becoming a pilot might be a legitimate career choice, but it is definitely a hefty investment as a hobby. Aviation classes can cost up to $100,000, so this doesn’t really seem like a feasible hobby for those of us who are in the working class. There are many variables that will effect the price, but one thing is for certain: flying is expensive. Whether you choose to learn how to fly a helicopter or an aeroplane, rest assured that flight time is pricey. Most countries will require 100 hours minimum before you can sit your pilots license. But it would be awesome!

7) Exotic pets, and I mean really exotic, not a chameleon that you can buy at the pet store, get to be ridiculously expensive. Think about the fact that horses cost about 50,000 a year and then try to fathom how much keeping a tiger or a lion might cost. Many celebrities actually do own these rare and beautiful creatures to show their wealth and power. I don’t agree with it but that doesn’t stop it from being true.

8) Gambling can be an expensive an costly addiction for the average person. When you have enough money that you do not need to worry, it is tempting to hit up poker tables and roulette wheels. The scene of Bond films and many others show the rich and famous gather in a casino setting. High rollers, pretty girls, stacks of cash. Gambling has to make the 10 most expensive hobbies list!

9) Mountain Climbing – Although the climbing part is free, gearing up and getting to the mountains can cost quite a bit! If you want to tackle Everest then you will need a few thousand and the same goes for every trip you plan to take unless you climb locally.


10) Art collectors have to be knowledgeable, tasteful, and absolutely filthy rich. Some art is priceless, but other works will cost a few hundred thousand, or even millions of dollars. This hobby can easily put your costs up into the millions if you are really serious about collecting rare, old, and unique pieces of furniture, art, and history. One reserved for those who can afford the most expensive of hobbies.

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