The Top 15 Football Movies

The best movies ever made for men…football movies. Guaranteed by now you have seen nearly every single one out there but which ones would you actually consider watching again simply because they were just that good?

There are so many polls out there that may or may not agree with me but here’s my list of the best 15.

The Top 15 Best Football Movies Ever

Brian’s song (1971)

Friday Night Lights (2004)

The Express (2008)

Remember the Titans (2000)

The Blind Side (2009)

We are Marshall (2006)

Horse Feathers (1932)

Invincible (2006)

Radio (2003)

Gridiron Gang (2006)

Brian’s Song (2001)

Rudy (1993)

The Program (1993)

Crazy Legs (1953)

Any Given Sunday (1999)

The Top 5 In Summary

Coming in at number one on the list, Brian’s Song describes the power and friendship that evolves within a team and the effects life can have on the team members. The main characters of this film, Gale Sayers and Brian Piccolo are played by actors Billy Williams and James Caan. Gale Sayers is a newcomer to the Chicago Bears and Brian Piccolo is the overachieving running back for the same team.

Although these two players end up fighting for the same spot on the football team and are both of a different race (Sayers is black and Piccolo is white), they become roommates and very close friends. As the season starts, Sayers injures himself and Piccolo remains by his side.

They’re friendship stays close, particularly when the doctors discover Sayers is dying. Now both Sayers and Piccolo must deal with this tragedy as well as their loving wives. This movie has never failed to impress and move its audience and is a must see for any football fans with wives who like a little heart wrenching.

Friday Night Lights, which came out in 2004 is another must see movie.

The 1988 Permian High School football team is under high expectation by their community at the Friday Night football games. Having a constant winning streak comes as no surprise until the starring tailback Boobie Michaels takes on a career ending injury.

The team and community are in shock and utter dismay as their star player sits on the bench the rest of the season. Everyone is upset and nailing the team coach for this horrible accident but it does not bother him. Coach Gaines manages to bring the team together and rise up to the challenge as they head into the state play-offs.

The Express is based on a real life story of an inspirational football player, Ernie Davis. Davis was an African American professional football player drafted by the NFL. The Express tells Davis’s story and his struggle through racism, rejection and poverty and how he handled all of these conditions in order to be a professional football player.

The movie shows how Davis presses his coach to stand up for his team members and show the community that they all deserve respect as not only football players but human beings. A powerful movie about the civil rights movement and how this one man helped to enhance it, The Express is a must see for all football movie lovers.

Remember the Titans, one of the most well – known football movies of this time period is also based on real life events. A black only school and a white only school is forced to integrate in the 1970’s forming T.C Williams High School and the Titans football team.

When a black football coach from North Carolina replaces the Caucasian coach of the Titans, tensions rise between the players, the faculty and the community. However, once the team returns from their two week training camp, things in the community begin to change.

The team members support one another which slowly help the views of the community change. They begin to accept one another and see that segregation really isn’t necessary. If the team can do it, why can’t they?

Lastly, the Blind Side is another highly recommended and well – known movie of this time period.

The Blind Side is based on the real life story of two parents who take in a homeless teenager and give him a life he never thought he could have. Coming from a tragic family background and little education, the homeless boy who goes by Big Mike does not know what he can do in his life.

When he expresses an interest in football however, his new mother Leigh Anne gives him a helping hand and gets him on the local football team. Leigh Anne and Sean give Michael a loving home and higher him a tutor that will help improve his grades to the point where he receives a football scholarship. Michael, with the help of this family becomes a team member of the Baltimore Ravens in 2009.

With its heartfelt scenes and shocking success story, the Blind Side is a must see movie and is great to watch as a family.

These movies all tell a success story and remind the watchers of what really is possible if you just try and put your back into it. The above movies are great to watch alone with your boys or gathered up with the family. Pick one…or all fifteen of them…grab some popcorn and enjoy an evening of action, comedy and prideful movie watching.

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