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akribos watches

If you’ve never heard of Akribos watches, you aren’t alone. We hadn’t until we ventured out to find a high quality, budget beating watch for men and women alike. Here’s what we discovered.

Are Akribos CCIV watches worth my time?

The problem with budget watches is that you usually get exactly what you pay for- so budget ends up not being worthwhile at all. Trying to find a watch that is pocket friendly while still getting the job done can be a mission.

If you’re trying to get something that looks remotely stylish on top of that…well, you’re often out of luck.

However, with the rise of the decent Chinese-manufactured watch brand, there is hope.

While watch collectors tend to be a snobbish bunch, and the country of origin thus count against them from the start, for the non-connoisseur there’s actually some decent competition out there to choose from.

Akribos is actually the sister company of Stuhrling, a smaller watch brand that’s starting to attract some notice internationally.

Top 5 Akribos Watches Reviewed: Comparison Table

WatchMovementOur RatingPrice 
Akribos XXIV Ak776TKG Ladies WatchSwiss Quartz4.5/5$$$
Akribos XXIV AK628YGPrecise Quartz4.2 /5$$
Akribos Dress WatchJapanese Quartz3.8 /5$
Akribos XXIV Men's AK904YGSwiss Quartz4.4 /5$
AK528BK Ladies WatchJapanese Quartz4 /5$$

Tell me more about Akribos.

The better Chinese watches use Swiss parts for their watches. They then offer innovative designs to attract wearers.

The net result is mostly high quality and low prices, but because of laxer quality controls standards you can sometimes get a lemon- something that would never happen with a truly high end watch.

For the price, however, as long as the customer service and warranty is good- it’s worth the risk. What you are likely to get is a beautiful and functional piece. Mostly, they work flawlessly.

Akribos is a watch company that’s trying to catch up with Seiko and Citizen for endurance, quality and status. They’re decidedly above average in the budget watch category, and are rapidly making a name for themselves.

They’re particularly well known for fascinating designs, something that is perhaps inevitable from a Stuhrling sister company.

While they are mostly assembled in Hong Kong, it’s an American company. As with most cheaper brands, their hand-winds are genuinely viewed as more reliable than their automatics.

They make use of both Swiss and Japanese quartz movement, so if that’s important to you it’s always best to check the individual model you are looking at.

While these are budget watches, Akribos are making a name for themselves with amazing dials and quality work- they are well worth investigating if you are in the market

So what do you recommend?

Akribos XXIV Men’s AK904YG

We opted for this Akribos offering as the style is a very classic man’s style. With the chain bracelet and round, three dial face, it’s a style you can see almost anywhere.

This particular one is a very loud gold that we weren’t particularly fond of, although mileage varied greatly amount our reviewers.

It’s a Swiss-quartz movement analogue, which is always a plus, with a paltry 30 foot water resistance that still means you’ll be fine in the rain- just don’t take it swimming.

Reviewer felt it looked expensive- always something to consider in a watch that didn’t break the bank. Some do mention that the band is particularly large, though.

Some factory residue appears to ship on a lot of units- but reviewers rush to caution that it is residue, not an effect on the watch itself, and for the price one can hardly complain. Some did find the dials hard to read due to size.

Some loved the seamless closure on the band, while others felt it would wear over time- you mileage may vary, as they say. It’s a large watch, but that’s part and parcel of this style.

Akribos do seem to suffer from issues with second hands that don’t work, but the company appears to be amenable to returns and wants you satisfied.

Akribos XXIV Ak776TKG Ladies Watch

It would hardly be fair to review for the men and not the ladies. Again, this is a far from subtle watch- somehow it manages to outshine the AK904YG men’s watch, and that surprised us!
Having said that, there is a certain style to it. Featuring the same triple dial system, this silver and gold dual-toned watch is encrusted with Swarovski crystal- band and face.

It has slightly better water resistance then the guy’s version, but only slightly- 33 foot max.

Again like the man’s version this is a very big band size- not for ladies with thin wrists.

The dial face is also particularly big for a ladies watch. Looks-wise, reviewers were divided.

Many feel the watch looked better in person then in pictures, but the key word with this watch is bling. If you’re looking for some sophisticated day-to-day wear, you won’t get it from this one. You can take a look and decide for yourself here

Akribos XXIV AK628YG

This is styled in your classic man’s leather band style- that said, it still manages to be pretty showy. With three analogue dials as well as the watch face, it is a little busy, but still has a certain appeal.

One particularly attractive feature is the date dial just under the 12- pretty convenient, subtly done and an all-around winner.

As with most of the Akribos ranges, reviewers mention that this looks more sleek and elegant in person then it does in pictures.

Perhaps the Akribos team need to invest some R&D into how to light their pictures? We don’t know, but many reviewers were happy with the high-end look of this watch.

The water resistance is far better- 165 foot- then our other picks, and the strap is genuine leather. That’s always a plus on budget watch brands.

Some users do caution that it’s stiff and will need to be broken in, but this line doesn’t seem to suffer from the oversizing some of the other Akribos watches do. Some were surprised at it’s thickness, but for a big face dial it works well.

Akribos Dress watch

Finally a truly sleek design from Akribos. If you really need discretion in your watch, this is the line to look at. A minimalist black etch makes this design exquisite to look at, with subtle crystal markers to pick out the 12/9/6/3 positions, and a date indicator.

It suffers the same poor water resistance as other Akribos watches, but for the money it’s a small sacrifice to make. Interestingly, it uses Japanese quartz movement.

Our reviewers complement the durability of the ceramic coating on the band, with it holding up to scratches well.

Its sizing is also more reasonable then other’s in the Akribos stable, for which we are grateful as resizing this unique band would be a mission.

The good news is that there is a ladies variant available as well.

AK528BK Ladies Watch

If you want something a little dressier then the Akribos watch above, but still need something subtle, this is the watch for you. The face uses 8 genuine diamond markers and 4 numbers, which is an unusual and classy touch.

It’s Japanese quartz again, but has not water resistance at all. The face is shaped like a belt buckle, which adds a touch of arty class to it, with a very fine link bracelet to hold it on.

As always with Akribos, our review team found the bracelet way too large. The colour and comfort, however, scored top marks.

A minimum of the team decided it was too manly a look for them, but most appreciated the unusual design aesthetics and were happy to wear it.

The Akribos dress watch has to be our favourite of all the watches reviewed.

It’s sleek, stylish and functional without being showy. That said, they’re all interesting additions to any collection, and will serve their owner well.

If you need a good, stylish but budget friendly watch, consider Akribos watches.

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