Top 5 August Steiner Watches Reviews

August Steiner Watches

In this article we take a look at the top 5 August Steiner watches reviews to help figure out more about this brand and what makes them a choice to watch.

You’ve spotted a good looking watch, you’ve never heard of the company and you’re skeptical of just buying it. What if it’s just cheap junk? Are you really going to get your monies worth?

There are literally thousands of watch brands out there these days, and while some are high end names that have been around for decades others might only just have made it public.

While the style of your watch is important it’s also useless if the watch itself isn’t functional. August Steiner is a New York based company that’s still relatively unknown in the watch industry.

They deal with everyday looks and casual wear rather than expensive high end timepieces. These are watches that are made to be worn rather than admired.

There are plenty of different styles to choose from and the company also produces men and womens designs as well as couples box sets (an ideal gift!).

Top 5 August Steiner Watches Reviews: Comparison Table

WatchMovementOur RatingPrice 
Mens AS8202YGBQuartz Movement4.3/5$$$
Mens AS8057BRPrecise Quartz Movement4.7 /5$$$
Men's Classic Watch AS8214SSQuartz Movement3.7 /5$$
Quartz Black Dial MensGMT Quartz4.4 /5$
Gunmetal AS8095BKSwiss Quartz4.3/5$

What makes the Top 5 August Steiner Watches?

For a watch to be the best it has to combine function and fashion. While not every watch is going to be flexible enough to go from the beach to the boardroom if you buy a beach watch you expect to be able to get in the water.

The movement is important, but for a budget brand you can’t expect automatic Swiss quality. At the very least a simple Quartz movement will insure accuracy.

These watches have the function that their brand stands behind, but can they cut it for fashion too?

August Steiner Watches Reviews

Mens AS8202YGB Yellow Gold Blue Dial Bracelet

A stylish design with a ate sub dial, a second sub dial, and a stop watch tachyometer dial too. Its got a mesh bracelet that is a bit flashy but it compliments the blue of the dial without making it seem depressing.

This is bold and noticeable watch at 47mm and it uses a quartz movement for accuracy as well as having a useful 30m water resistance.

The watch has a certain beauty of it’s own and is ideal for dressy situations. The band uses a hook clasp and is an alloyed stainless steel which also makes it durable.

  • 30M Water Resistant
  • Quartz Movement
  • 47mm Face


Despite having the sub dials the face doesn’t appear cluttered and it’s still easy to read. The punchy color scheme makes this an instant conversation piece and will get your outfit noticed.

It’s unique too in that the sub dials are inset at an angle rather than just under the analog hands. The sub dials also help to give this a much more expensive feel.


It’s gaudy and ostentatious. This is the sort of bling level you expect to see on a Russian Oligarch and it’s not classy. If you’re trying to pass this off as an expensive watch it’s an utter fail.

If you can get past how bright this is then you’ll also have to deal with the fact that it’s not functional for everyday wear as the finish scratches easily and the face isn’t hardened

This is number 5 on the list because as far as both unusual style and outrageous bling go this is perfect. It’s a conversation starter which is why it deserves to be here.

If you’re looking for something more functional for everyday wear this probably isn’t it, which is why it doesn’t make it into the top 3 – it’s a one-trick pony.

Mens AS8057BR Quarts Sport Silicone Strap Watch

This does not look like a spots watch at all. The silicone band is reminiscent of most smartwatches and at first glance you would think this actually was a smartwatch. The dial is simple and clear but has an Art Nouveau charm to it.

The face itself is unusual in that the minutes are on the outside and the hours on the inside with an additional 24 hour in the center.

The cold and black tone is classy and it’s resistant up to 30m of water with a precise Quartz movement for accuracy.

  • 45mm
  • 30m Water Resistance
  • Quartz Movement
  • Lightweight


The style of movement really is more accurate than your average watch which is why this costs a little more despite still being the same materials.

It’s actually made of anodized aluminum which makes it so incredibly light you will barely feel it there.

The large face has easy to read numbers and it has a simple flair that will appeal to someone who wants their watch to be classy without ostentatious.

This would work well as a work or day watch but could easily transition to night with a better band.


It’s a bit big and bulky with a 45mm face and a crown that sticks out on top of the already wide frame around the face.

It’s going to be too big for some wrists. The silicone is also an instant giveaway that this is not an expensive watch and if you want to play pretend then swap for a leather strap.

Number 4 makes the list for having an elegant charm and a unique shape.

The round face inset into the rectangular frame has good juxtaposition, and it’s functional in many situations. It’s in the top because innovation is good and it looks much smarter than it’s worth.

Men’s Classic Watch AS8214SS

It’s often said that elegance is simple, and that’s where the beauty of this design is.

It’s incredibly simple. With three sub dials including separate time zone monitoring, date and a Sapphire Coated window it looks expensive.

In fact, this could easily get away as being a designer watch for it’s classic appeal. It’s 30m water resistant for functionality and has a smart brown crocodile imitation strap that adds to the illusion that this is an expensive piece.

  • 44mm Face
  • 30m Water Resistance
  • Quartz Movement
  • Sapphire Coated Window


For an everyday watch that looks classy and costs less than $100 this is lovely. It’s got enough functional features like the coating and water resistance to make it ideal for daily wear without being worried you’ll make a mess of it.

The polished case and bezel has a distinctive look that adds to the minimalist appeal of the design.

The markers are hand applied which helps improve the feel that this is a pricey timepiece despite having a simple Japanese movement.

This is designed to be a multi-functional workhorse and it clearly can fit both day and night, especially if you change the brown strap for black.


It would be much easier to believe this was expensive if the face wasn’t such a stark white color. The sub dials are so tiny they’re almost impossible to read and other than adding more to what would otherwise be an empty face they don’t add to the design, but at least they’re functional rather than decorative.

This is a nice watch, but it’s also bland, and lacking in anything to make it feel unique.

This makes the top 3 for being a sneaky steal. Sapphire glass is only usually found on much more expensive pieces and with a smart design this looks like a pricey piece that a designer would put out for thousands. It’s a steal for such class and quality which is why it deserves to be here.

Quartz Black Dial Mens AS8213YGB

Like the sports watch this has a classic black and gold design but the face is less distinctive and more classy. This looks very much like a cross with a Breitling design in that there’s a lot of dots, dashes and numbers going on.

What’s actually there is a GMT timezone monitor, 24 hour dial, 12 hour dial, minutes, and the same again on the inside for the GMT hand.

Every single scrap of space on the face is used. It also has a laser cut globe on the reverse to cement this as a design aimed at travelers.

It has a bold look that isn’t flashy with a genuine leather strap and is surprisingly smaller than it looks at only 44mm.

  • GMT Quartz Movement
  • 30m Water Resistanc
  • 40mm


Like number 5 this is a watch to be noticed in. It’s also a great travel watch, especially when hopping multiple time zones.

Despite having so much crammed onto the face it still looks well organized and isn’t hard to read one you’re familiar with it.

The design is also similar to much more expensive watches and the GMT movement is better than a regular Quartz too despite not being more expensive.

This is flexible enough to be worn all the time but you’ll have to be careful not to scratch up the large window because it will make it hard to see all those little marks on the dial.


There’s so much going on here, and most travel watches expect you to do more than the airport. It’s not waterproof enough to survive at the beach and barely able to pass a shower.

It’s also not scratch resistant so no good for a activities. If you’re traveling for business though this is smart and classy enough to work for the boardroom.

It’s in the top two for being stylish, innovative, classy, and functional for travelers. In fact, it’s a tough call as to why this isn’t number one.

It beats the others because of the beauty of the design and the fact that it could compete with more expensive pieces on design.

Gunmetal AS8095BK

With the classic chronograph look this is very similar to the 90s dive watch designs produced by BMW and other car makers as a “freebie” for buying their high end cars.

It’s a multi-functional dial with GMT, Day, Date, Tachymeter, Chronograph, luminescent markers, and a dive bracelet. It’s waterproof to 30m and is powered by a Swiss Quartz movement for accuracy.

All this and it’s less than $60. Seriously. There’s a lot of features crammed into this watch and it’s all packed into a smart stainless design with a 46mm case. There’s so much to like about this watch

  • 30m Water Resistance
  • Swiss Quartz Movement
  • 46mm Case


This is a manly watch, it’s solid built and while some might consider it bulky it’s a design that comes up repeatedly in the fashion world so it never gets old.

The classic chronograph watch without costing a fortune might have a few off features (a dive bezel won’t help you at only 30m resistance) but it gives you the look of having paid much more.

The Swiss movement is dependable and much better quality than the Japan counterparts. There’s also a screw down crown which, while being a “dive” feature, actually makes it more comfortable to wear because of the larger size.


It’s a little hard to read with so much going on, and frankly it’s a big ugly. The design is bulky, and it’s going to be uncomfortable for some to wear at that size.

The most noticeable thing though is that it’s plain, just steel and black, nothing eye catching.

When it comes to features this has more than average, and while it’s missing that Sapphire coating it’s got plenty of extras.

The reason this comes in at number one is because of all that at such a cheap price, and while it’s lacking in a certain style you could easily go with having this as a day watch while having something else dressier or more waterproof if the occasion needed.


The top 5 August Steiner watches is something that will depend on your needs. These cover a range of styles from classic to bling and impressive functionality.

While it would be difficult to say that any one of them couldn’t be number one unless you really need the added Sapphire coating or want a flashy watch then for everyday charm the simple chronograph is timeless. Hopefully you’re more familiar with the brand now and know that they do indeed make quality timepieces.

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