Top 5 Lucien Piccard Watches Reviews 2017

Lucien PIccard Watch Reviews

If you’ve made it here you probably came across a stunning watch but weren’t familiar with the brand name. Lucien Piccard watches certainly can catch your eye when it comes to beautiful timepieces.

Lucien Piccard is a great brand to consider when you don’t want to spend a fortune but still want a classic Swiss watch.

Swiss watches are admired the world over for their reliability and their classy design and the company have been making classic pieces since 1923.

They were the first to offer low profile and slim designs but many of their high end pieces include rel gold and diamonds.

However, their more average watches are affordable for any customer with everyday designs that use primarily Japanese movements and Stainless steel.

Celebrities like Frank Sinatra have been seen with LP watches and they continue the traditional style with multilayered dials, generous cases, and a luxurious feel.

If you haven’t really heard of the brand it’s got to do with the fact that the company focuses on their product more than advertising, an admirable thing when many companies don’t stand behind their products but spend a fortune in promotion.

They’re focused on what’s important and their product is a good illustration of this because it’s been consistent for nearly a hundred years with similar designs over and over which continue to appeal to a new audience.

Here are the top 5 Lucian Piccard watches reviews so you can see the versatility of this brand yourself.

Lucien Piccard Watches Reviews: Comparison Table

WatchMovementOur RatingPrice 
Volos Analog-Display-MechanicalJapanese Quartz4.3/5$$
Trevi Mechanical WatchChinese Movement4.1 /5$
Moubra Analog Japanese BlackJapanese Quartz3.7 /5$
Nebula Automatic Leather BandAutomatic Self-Wind4.7 /5$$$
Matador analog-display Automtic Self WindAutomatic Self-Wind4.9/5$$$

Lucien Piccard Watches Reviews

Volos Analog-Display-Mechanical

A simple yet elegant design that has a textured dial and sleek color scheme. The face has retro 24 hour time for dual time zone use, 24 hour sub dial, and a date window.

It’s water resistant to 50m and has a simple Quartz movement. Set in a small 44mm case it’s low profile and smart enough to go from work to evening.

This isn’t a work watch, it’s a very smart watch that looks far more expensive than the less than $80 price tag. It looks classy, plain and simple.

  • 44mm Case
  • Japan Quartz Movement
  • 50m Water Resistant


When you want something classy and stylish you expect to pay a lot, and this is the exception. It’s interesting face design doesn’t look busy yet still has a lot going on. It’s easy to read and the leather strap makes it look like an expensive watch.

It’s not got a lot of fuss going on, hence the cheap price tag, but it’s barely short of a chronograph and far cheaper which definitely counts for something when you want those extra fancy dials without paying the price or having something that looks like a clunky dive watch.


It’s rather thick at 11mm and this is because of that basic Japanese movement, and this singles it out for being a cheaper watch rather than a low profile automatic.

The window isn’t treated which means it’s just basic glass and this scratches easily.

The steel case is also alloyed which means it will show when scratched to the shiny steel below through the black finish.

This makes the top 5 for being a beautiful timepiece. It’s basic, but it looks smart and expensive which is why it will work for many people who aren’t looking for an adventure watch.

After all, if you’re only going to the office and dinner you don’t really need waterproofing or scratch proof crystal windows.

Trevi Mechanical Watch

Exhibition cases are “in” right now and while being able to see through to the mechanics of your watch might not make reading it any easier it still looks interesting and unique.

It’s reasonably sized at 45mm but has a hand wound dial something that sets it apart from the everyday watch, people actually pay money to have a watch they have to wind so this feature makes it seem significantly more expensive instantly.

Tell someone you have a French hand wound watch and they’re going to assume it’s costly.


It looks fairly smart but above all it looks interesting and unique, it’s a conversation piece and as long as you can wax on about French style you can probably get away with it.

It’s functional as well as different and the black and gold style can probably pass for evening wear as well, though it’s not ideal and a long shot if you’re really trying to pass this off as more than entry level luxury.


The crown sticks out a mile, and this can often get uncomfortable and stab you in the wrist. The blue hands don’t fit well and would be much better in black, these look like they got shoved on from a different watch and like the fake Breiling it also seems to be a bit too flashy to be authentic.

This makes the top 5 for being a stunning and classy design that looks expensive even though it’s actually incredibly cheap.

Perfect for someone on a budget who want to stick with fashion but don’t want to be shelling out every time there’s a new fad in town.

Moubra Analog Japanese Black

One of their more popular designs this is from the Moubra collection, their flagship line. It’s classy and looks almost like some of the vintage Rolex watches.

There are three sub dials for date, month, and day as well as a small moon phase dial at the bottom.

The case is a small 40mm and it water resistant up to an impressive 330ft. This is a watch that can stand up to work and play.

It’s a design that favors classical elegance with sword hands, roman numerals, and a two toned steel and black color scheme. While it’s still just a basic Japanese Quartz movement the watch is eye catching and solid.

  • 100m Water Resistant
  • 40mm Case
  • Quartz Movement
  • Foldover Dive Clasp


The Moubra line is actually quite different than the rest of LP watches as their design is more classic than high end. This has a vintage feel to it without being ostentatious.

For a watch that’s well under $100 and has a working chronograph it’s certainly good for your budget too. The face is fairly small which means


The gold toning is very bright and really doesn’t look anything like real gold, and makes it look rather cheap. It’s small but thick which also stops it looking like a high end watch.

The watch is also rather ugly and looks like your average Seiko rather than the classic multi-dial layered design that Piccard is known for. In fact, it could have come from any number of brands and lacks interest.

This makes the top 3 because it’s classic yet within the average persons price range so you’re getting the benefit of the name without having to pay a designer price tag.

It’s also got a style that should appeal to most people and is versatile enough to work for day and night whether you’re out in the water somewhere or stuck in the boardroom.

Nebula Automatic Leather Band

A beautiful design that deserves a name derived from the stars. The inner set 24 hour dial has a starry motif that looks like stars, hence the name.

It’s also an automatic 21 jewel movement, much more accurate than your average mechanical and the inner 60 second dial is open to show the movement beneath.

The back of the case is also open to exhibit the movement.

The face is Sapphitek crystal, a proprietary version of Sapphire Crystal which is hardened mineral glass designed to resist scratches found in better quality watches.

  • 50m Water Resistant
  • Sapphitek Crystal
  • Automatic Movement
  • Exhibition Case


A beautiful watch to look at it’s a little large at 47mm but there’s a lot going on inside the face. The waterproof and crystal design shows that it’s sturdy enough to stand up to the rigors and accidents of everyday wear and it’s also got luminous hands.

The leather strap and rose gold tone gives this a classy feel and makes it look like a much more expensive watch. It’s marvelously accurate and sensitive enough that you don’t have to worry about it stopping overnight while you’re sleeping.

This is also a bonus because it means that even when it stops you can simply move it around and get it going again. It comes in 4 different color options, though the brown and cream is extremely smart.


Being an automatic movement means that it can stop with no notice and it will also lose time if not in motion. It’s a pretty big face at 47mm which can be too large for some people.

The other thing about this watch is that its also lacking in the complexity that makes up the faces of many LP designs, which may hurt it’s appeal to collectors and enthusiasts who want that classic LP look.

A lovely modern design that has a stylish face and a good quality movement. This is designed for living and just came out a couple of months ago so you know the technology in the movement is brand new.

This makes it one of the best of Lucien Piccard’s lineup because it’s quality and style rolled into one.

Matador analog-display Automtic Self Wind

One of their best and most beautiful designs the Matador is in a class of it’s own thanks to the impressive amount of features and beautiful attention to detail.

It’s got a 42 jewel automatic movement and a power reserve display so that you can even take it off without worrying about it losing time or winding down like the Nebula.

There are two skeltonized sub dials and an exhibition case back so you can actually see the movement too.

The watch itself has a simple black, red and steel color scheme which makes it punchy, but with the two sub dials at 3 and 9 it becomes unique. The case is only 46mm and it’s water resistant to 100m.

  • 46mm Case
  • 42 Jewel automatic Movement with Power Reserve
  • 100m Water Resistant
  • Exhibition Case


A combination of design and performance is exactly why this watch is one of the most beautiful pieces in their collection.

It’s slim-line, impeccably beautiful and has a limited run of only 200 making it a collectors item. The twin balance wheel exhibition windows add style but are also functional without making the face seem overly crowded.

There’s also the fact that it’s got a power reserve so you’re not forced to wear it all the time or it stops, in fact, you can almost get 2 days of not wearing it from a full charge before it stops.

The face is synthetic Sapphire for scratch resistance and it sits on a classy leather band.


It’s a little bit heavy and it’s not as low profile as most high end watches which hurts the wearability. There does seem to be a bit of quality control issues on the model though, and if you decide to order one make sure you’re getting an authentic one to start with but also that all the dials are working as the balance wheels seem to be the weak point in the design.

This is number one because it’s something that any watch enthusiast can tell you is worth having. It’s eye catching, classic, and limited edition to start with, but it’s packed with features to make it functional and at a price that is far from extortionate.

This is a beautiful watch but it’s also a functional watch and having the power reserve adds the convenience that the Nebula can’t match.


Lucien Piccard is a name that is recognized by many watch enthusiasts and collectors. Despite having many watches under $100 they still provide a sense of style and a certain expectation of quality.

When you get into their higher end collections however you can find timepieces that are an impressive mix of beauty and function combined in eye catching reality.

Now that you’ve seen the top 5 Lucien Piccard watches reviews you’ll see why so many people are drawn to this brand.