Top 5 WeWood Watch Reviews

Top 5 WeWood Watch Reviews

It’s no secret that the world is moving towards greater sustainability, and with that everyone is choosing materials that are eco-friendly and recyclable.

Wood has been used for tools by humans over tens of thousands of years, yet who would have thought you could make a watch out of it?

While you might be picturing some medieval chunk with a spinning egg timer modern wood watches have a unique niche in today’s market.

WeWood is one of the leading companies; producing pieces that started the modern wooden watch craze. The top 5 WeWood watch reviews will get you more familiar with this brand and what it can do for your eco-appeal.

A British Brand they specialize in using several different types of wood to create deigns that are similar in shape and style to many in the designer world.

Unlike those however these are reasonably priced and clever craftsmanship that means you can carry a bit of nature with you no matter what your style.

Their watches are all made of hypoallergenic woods that are free of toxins and chemicals. Another great thing about this brand is that they promises to plant 1 tree for every watch that is sold, an admirable environmental effort.

WeWood Watch Reviews: Comparison Table

WatchMovementCase DiameterRating 
WeWood Duhbe Beige Maple WoodDigital Movement46mm4.8 /5
Kappa Black WoodJapanese Quartz46mm4.3 /5
Leo Leather ChocolateMiyota Movement46mm4.9 /5
Sitah BeigeMiyota Movement-4.4 /5
Jupiter Army BeigeMiyota Movement48mm4.2 /5

WeWood Watch Reviews 2017

Weood Duhbe Beige Maple Wood

While not wholly made of wood (the strap is fabric) the design has a bright clean look like a field watch. It’s simple and utilitarian which may not appeal to all but makes this an easy to read and functional design that’s perfect for everyday wear.

It’s got a sense of adventure with a selection of different woods available but the maple is a bright and fun choice that’s perfect for activities, especially since it’s so light.


This has a hardened mineral glass window with an adjustable strap which means it’s perfect for activities. While the digital movement isn’t waterproof it’s functional and simple – the entire design concept of this watch revolves around that.

It’s a reasonably sized 46mm face, which while not being small is still low profile enough not to feel clunky.

While the face of the watch is analog the movement itself is digital which gives greater accuracy than your average quartz and gets rid of the annoying tick tick noise.

The fabric brand is replaceable and also feels less constrictive than the wooden ones they offer.


While it’s more a failing of the brand rather than the watch itself an activity watch probably needs to be waterproof.

Maple is a pale wood and it will stain easily and permanently, so if you’re in an area with red mud, or may have clothes with dyes that run it may end up ruined.

This is in the top 5 because it’s a beautifully simple design that will appeal to many people. The clean look of it is another since it works well with casual clothes and isn’t in your face like some wooden designs. It’s clever, and understated.

Kappa Black Wood

If you’re acquainted with your average fold over clasp Rolex design then the Kappa will look very familiar. It’s the exact same concept, only entirely in wood. It looks just like the average mens Seiko but made of a dark and classy looking wood.

This is also available in other finishes like an army green and a slightly lighter brown. It also has a chronograph feature, and a Japanese Quartz movement protected by a hardened glass window. It’s a little heavier than the Durhle design because it’s bigger and bulkier, but still very light.

  • 46mm Case
  • 61g
  • Miyota 6p29 Movement


The dark wood color is quite beautiful and despite the rolling bracelet design it’s quite comfortable. There’s actually 9 different colors available so you know you can find something to match your style.

This is actually the most popular of WeWoods designs (it’s also the flagship) and you’ll have to grab it quick as the Black is frequently sold out. It has a bold look and there’s also a window for days, military hours, and date.


There’s a bit of a flaw with the band design in that it is held together by pins. In a normal metal watch this is the same, however since wood contracts and expands constantly with heat and movement the pins have a tendency to work themselves free and the bracelet will fall off.

It’s more frustrating than anything else because then you’ve got to find the little pin and put it back in to get the strap back in one piece. At almost 12mm it’s pretty thick, and that can make it unwieldy.

This is in the top 5 because as their flagship design with 9 different variation it’s the epitome of customization.

This is truly a watch you can make yours, and feel good about while wearing it. The wristlet flaw is annoying but you can always change the strap.

Leo Leather Chocolate

The Leo is definitely an acquired design, in the chocolate it looks like your average low-key brown watch. The leather band makes this a classy design and the matching brown dial and bezel create a clean and matching design.

It’s even more bold than the Kappa and has metallic hands and an accented leather band which makes it more comfortable.

There’s no seconds indices on the face which helps keep it simple and it’s protected by the same signature coated glass. It only comes in the one black/chocolate tone but it’s striking when combined with the red accenting. The minutes are marked on the outer bezel.

  • 46g
  • Premium Miyota 6P25
  • Chronograph


To be honest this does not look like a wood watch, this is the wood watch for those who like simple designs like Swatch but like the eco-friendly aspect of WeWood.

It really, really doesn’t look like wood at all! Despite only coming in one color you do have the choice of the punchy red accenting or not, though really the red does make it stand out much more.

The Leo is unique in the line up because it’s aimed at being a wood watch for those that don’t like them. It’s incredibly lightweight yet still appears to be solid, certainly something to consider if you’re not sure this alternative watch trend is for you.


In poor light or low light the face and hands are hard to make out. They’re all the same tone of gray brown and it’s difficult to tell the time on it.

It’s one of the most expensive of their designs too, which is unfortunate since it seems pointless to have as a wood watch when it doesn’t look like one.

Why not just get a regular watch that costs less? This is also one of the thicker designs at 12mm which makes it seem bulky even if it’s lightweight and the most expensive on the list.

This is top three because of it’s innovation. A wood watch that doesn’t look like a wood watch so you get all the benefits without being forced to wear something that singles you out as an environmentalist. You’re almost like a secret agent wearing this!

Sitah Beige

For a classic and warm design the Sitah is beautifully milled and it’s a shame that it’s been discontinued. If you want to snap one up you’ll have to find it from a secondary seller since the company doesn’t have it anymore.

It has a simple jewelry clasp which make it much more unisex than the other designs that use solid wood bracelets yet it’s still adjustable to fit most wrists.

The entire watch is on monotone color which gives it a simple elegance and classy feel. It also has chronograph dials and a tachymeter bezel with a screw down crown.

  • 45g
  • Chronograph
  • Standard Miyota Movement


A design that, like the Kappa, is based off of traditional watch designs. However, unlike the Kappa it’s a much simpler design that looks classier and more fun.

The lighter wood of the Beige is easier to see than the Black Kappa even in low light and the addition of roman numerals instead of simple markings makes this doubly so.

Though the band is similar, this design seems to have less issues with the pins slipping out than the Kappa which is one of the reasons it’s ranked higher.


The pale wood is actually the same used in many smokehouses and that means it absorbs smells so you have to keep this clean if you want to continue wearing it it. The entire watch is also pale and, like the Duhrle it’s susceptible to staining.

This is a poor watch for anyone who gets dirty or wants to wear this watch for anything more than fashion.

The Sitah makes the top two because it’s simply a beautiful design that has a lot of functionality. It’s clean, clear, and classy. The staining issue besides there’s really nothing wrong with the design.

Jupiter Army Beige

Available in 8 colors this is one of the most striking watches around. The two tone designs  are punchy and unique in that the rectangular face is actually inset with two circular dials rather than being the dial itself.

It’s shaped like an old 1970’s Casio and fits like an old friend because of it. The watch has two movements – one for each dial.

This holds two time zones simultaneously so you never ave to change your watch or calculate the time when traveling.

This is perfect for someone on the go who wants to still be able to save the planet and be stylish while doing it.

  • 2 Premium Mitoya 2039
  • 48mm Case
  • 70g


Despite the interesting design it’s surprisingly easy to read and eye catching enough to be a conversation piece.

The watch features dual movements which is why it’s a little heavier but it allows you to monitor two time zones simultaneously without having to make any adjustments – ideal for the frequent traveler.

The other benefit of this watch is that should one dial ever fail you’ve always got a back up. The link bracelet is the same standard adjustable design, but unlike the others it needs to match the watch face to get the full effect of being carved from one single piece of wood.


This is the heaviest of the 5 and it’s almost double the weight of the Duhbe despite still being light in comparison to regular metal watches.

Its chunky too at 12mm in thickness and with a 48mm case it’s going to be uncomfortable to wear for some because of the size.

Plus there’s also the fact that while it has a stunning design you have to question how often you really need that second timezone taking up half of the face and doubling the weight.

This makes the number one position because of the beauty of he design alone. Truly the Sitah is a better all round watch but it doesn’t stand out nearly as much.

This is a watch you can recognize and it’s solidly built without coming across as effeminate or plain (even though it’s simple). In fact, it’s rather a tie between this and the Sitah because this is light on features despite its beauty.


WeWood offers an eco conscious way to tell the time and save the planet. Despite their using innovative and unique materials they’re not expensive, and every time you look at your timepiece you’ll know you’ve done your bit to help the environment.

The company offers quite a range of designs which is what makes this perfect for everyone.

Even if you don’t like the idea of a wood watch styles like the Leo mean you can still support the idea without being forced to change your style.

These are the top 5 WeWood watch reviews and they give you a good cross section of the designs the brand offers.

Hopefully, you’ve found something you like, and even better know now that this is a great company with affordable and stylish watches designed to suit your style (no matter what it is).

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